Chatby beta will launch in a selected few location in montreal, be part of the movement.

Create a public chat zone out of any location including, schools, student residences, parks, bars, airports or any other building where people tend to gather.

Being physically present in the location grants you access to all other users in a public chat. Talk with everyone in your location without asking for their numbers. Leaving the perimeter of the location will kick you out of the zone. 

Add a "Spy" to your favorite location and get notified by text when there are enough singles for you to go there. You now know exactly if your favorite bar has enough potential tonight to go there.

Use the "Overwatch" ability to quickly see where things are happening in your city. Since we know the age, gender and relationship status of every user in our different locations, we are happy to be the first application to tell you exactly where to go for your night out, maximizing your chance of finding love!

That's right, we can tell you where to go depending on exactly what you are looking for!

We do not provide names or position of our users, rest assure that no one can know where you are. What we provide is simply the numbers of singles in a public location. We only provide demographics.

Be part of the movement.